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Pink car in a pink wonderland Traffic light imitation. Red, yellow and green light bulbs Beautiful red tulip among other colorful tulips Beautiful red tulip among other colorful tulips Lonely dandelion frying in the sun TWO WHITE SNOWDROP AMONG THE GRASS TWO WHITE SNOWDROP AMONG THE GRASS The garden is full of spring yellow-purple-pink flowers Camera ready for recording. SLR screen with shots on an old book. Vintage Fragrant pink flower of blooming peach Mesh, fence, garden fence in cold blue colors. Look at the fence behind the fence there is a hedge Blood-red lifebuoy attached to the railings of a ferry on a calm lake Two decorative balls Two T-shirt-shaped key rings of different colors Measure on a black background Crayons spilling out of the box The back of the yellow crayon in the background of the others Photo of the crayons from the back Crooked photo of crayons Two rows of crayons are touching with their tips Crayons in a semicircle under a crooked angle Close-up of crayons in a semicircle Twelve crayons in a semicircle on a black background An orange crayon on a background of other crayons Twisted samplers in different color versions wooden bridge, somewhere in the meadow. Woman with a man on a black background in an unusual version Five butterflies are sitting in a flat pot full of lemons and bananas. Black and gloomy thundercloud at sunset from which it is about to rain The tower is lit up with round lamps and this tower resembles a merry-go-round Mountain and climatic paths waiting for tourists A bus stop that is forgotten forever Bus stop waiting for renovation when it warms up Row of wooden gazebos waiting for people A couple of elderly people in love walking along the path into the unknown